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Integra service portfolio shortlist.

Our service includes close and long term cooperation.
To be successful, any solution requires vision. We create concepts in close cooperation with governments and other
stakeholders in the region involved. Thus, Integra achieves optimum results for each defined problem.

Planning & Consulting
Thorough planning and consulting services are crucial for decision making. Together with our international partners from various technical disciplines Integra develops a solid planning base and consults decision-makers in the field of healthcare. We define the project range from the economic analysis to the support of strategic decisions or investments in new business fields. It is our aim to design regional healthcare structures ideally and to establish long-term concepts that are economically, socially and politically successful.

Customized project management
Just what you require: Integra operates either as a turnkey contractor, as your partner in a project consortium, or as your project manager, taking responsibility for
specific results. We provide project management on a customized basis, using our expertise in logistics, contracting, site preparation and training together with
complementary services of our international specialist network.

Financial Services – saving capital, minimizing risks
Finance is the key to any project. Together with our partners and associated international financing institutes, we will
engineer the best financial package for you, acting as catalyst to put the project quickly on track.
Our single-entry concept saves time, reduces risks and costs by managing partner as well as supplier selection, negotiation and implementation in a one stop shop.

Training programs
Comprehensive medical and technical training programmes. Improving health systems also involves increasing the capacity and skills of capacities and skills of human resources. Integra develops training programmes for operators and clinical cooperation with international medical and paramedical institutions. To achieve lasting results, we offer classical or practical training programmes and train-the-trainer programmes.
Advanced training programmes are conducted with a network of experienced of experienced consultants and lecturers.

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Some Integra service modules

feasibilty study pre-project design financial concept project management medical & laboratory equipment evaluation of structural situation potential & performance analysis pre-project design cost estimation sub-contractors feasibilty study remote hospital management business-plan obtaining operational permissions medical & laboratory equipment determination of medical concept sketch design and evaluation pre-project design financial concept project management medical & laboratory equipment logistics & shipment planning supervision training programs staff recruitment